KARANTINOS S.A, is a major Greek company, with a history of 60 years in the packing and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Since 1956, based on our experience, sourcing, research and development, we deliver high quality products to a wide range of clients, achieving to withstand to the most niche needs/demands.

Our customers are most of the major Greek super market chains, wholesalers and catering companies, and our main goal is the fastest and most comprehensive supply of them with top quality Greek and imported products (cherries, apples,pears, apricots, berries, cactus pears, zucchini, sweet potatoes, premature peaches, grapes etc).

With our main policy being the direct participation in the production process, we develop stable and fair co-operations, with total control and full responsibility of our products.

KARANTINOS S.A also offers logistics and commercial management services, on well-known brand names, targeting always in our development through the development of our partners.

Our company is based in Athens, in brand new premises of 3.000 sq. meters with the 1.000 sq. meters of them being refrigerated storage and preparation area. Moreover, we own two packing houses in the north of Greece:

  • Argyropouli Tyrnavos – 10 refrigerated compartments of pre-cooling and storage, with capacity of 4.000 tons/year dealing with apples, pears, premature peaches and grapes.
  • Rachi Pieria – 5 refrigerated compartments of pre-cooling and hydro-cooling, with capacity of 2.000 tons/year dealing mainly with cherries and apricots.

We are also grateful to have a well organized exports network which day by day is being expanded – therefore, KARANTINOS S.A has already established an agreement for this year, with a big European wholesale company, regarding the export of cherries, whereas the imports department, consists of executives with experience in multinational companies in the food market.

Finally, our company features independent quality assurance department which consists of two agriculturists – the same people are in charge of the research and development process of the company.

The confidence and trust relationship that we have built with all our customers during the years, is making us proud and in the meantime creates the commitment to continue our efforts with the same eagerness and care.